On Shifting homes and offices

                    Don’t know what is it with shifting and me. June 2013 seems to be a month of relocation! None of my forecasts for the month said so! Well I don’t really believe in any, but so what?! They should have given me an inkling bout it!

                  ImageWe shifted homes last week. The apartment which we were staying in, is to undergo some major reconstruction and thus we had to vacate our premises. And let me tell you, it is damn tiring! Tiring doesn’t even cover half of the pain of shifting houses! It.is.mind.boggling. (Could have used a better adjective to describe it, but I am not into swearing! Not in my blogs at least 😛 !!)

                  So back to it again. No matter how much ever packers and movers, house helpers are available, shifting takes all the energy out of you! In our case it was twice as worst, because our carpenter ditched us at the last moment. In the shifting week itself, we were still hunting for a new carpenter. After 4 of them already refused, God saw our plight and finally sent some architect who had much difficulty in allotting a carpenter from his present site, but then too obliged! Not before demanding a hefty price, but then, that’s another matter!  Then the whole process began, after office hours reserved for walks and drives were spent for packing suitcases and de-cluttering! Mr. husband, pity him, but he did so much of climbing on stools n stuff that climbing Mount Everest seemed petty! (OK, exaggerating a bit, but he deserves the credit) The packers n movers damaged a cupboard and also broke a vase, but we were too weary to argue! The main pain was unpacking the whole load. It took 3 days (and my life, almost!)

                  Adjustments, cleaning, keeping things in new places and forgetting, maintaining a diary for what has been kept where! All of it was just so tiring. I am glad it’s done! When resumed office after a 4 day hiatus, I felt as if I was joining a new job! So obsessed I was with setting up my new house!

                  If this was not enough, the next week, my office also had to shift! Nariman point, my love! Will miss it so much! We have shifted to BKC. The office shifting was also equally painful! From maintaining the files list, packing cartons and having data transfers done, to leaving behind great friends made, the beach walks, the yummy food stalls! The only fun part about shifting the office was the breath taking drive from Nariman Point to the BKC via Sealink. Awesome sight! But the flipside, from SoBo to the suburbs! How sad can it be? From the organized taxi lines and waiting in ladies queues to reach office, to the unorganized, loud and rowdy autowallas. They behave as if they are paying us to sit in their autos. You have to shout and run helter skelter before some rickshawala has pity on you and agrees to take you to your office.

                  The Capital, BKC (my new office) is A.M.A.Z.I.N.G from within! Plush interiors, comfortable (rather, Luxurious) working conditions, the view from the 11th floor of the office! Too good, it is! But then, at the cost of commuting woes! The trains are jam packed and alighting before the last station takes a lot of effort! By the time you reach office, pretty drained you are! And rains, make it even worse.

                  Well, what can I say, every great thing coming my way , has its own baggage of “but” 😐


About Shweta

An ambitious professional who loves working in a corporate as much as she loves spending time with family. Pursues writing as a passion and writes for stuff that closely touch the heart!
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10 Responses to On Shifting homes and offices

  1. Hemang says:

    Nice one. Liked it. Now since you have got 2 experience of shifting y don’t you start a packers and movers company :). Jokes apart. It’s a tiresome job. I also have expierence the same. Home and office. You left a very lovely place and now have got a amazing office. So enjoy the best of it !!!!


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  4. Thanks , This is nice piece of Informaton


  5. Thanks for well sharing Information.


  6. I also have expierence the same. Home and office. You left a very lovely place and now have got a amazing office. So enjoy the best of it


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