You get to live only once….

                The Jiah Khan Suicide case. This issue is all over. News channels are covering it like they have nothing else left! I don’t really understand, why are they keen on showing semi nude pics of the actor who is no more! Jiah khan dominates the front pages with her barely covered pics. Sheer sensationalism. That’s another matter to discuss on.
               What I have in mind right now is, that why do people take such a drastic step of ending their life. And that to 25 years of age?! What a waste! Be it a celebrity or a layman, suicide is not really an act of courage. I know that the problems and issues faced might be grave and complicated, but does ending your life the only solution?!
               The other day I was discussing it with a friend, who was all sympathies for the late female! He had gone through the same trauma and was able to relate to Miss Khan! Now, I am asking, agreed that it was tough to go through the phase, but today, he is healthy, happy and independent. And I am proud! I look upto him. What if he did the same as foolish Jiah so many years ago? Would he be here? Today he is looking after his family as an able son! And his parents need him more than anything in this world. So is being dead for a girl whom he loved for 5 years sensible? Or is it more sensible to stay alive, despite the scars for parents who loved him all his life? Agreed that scars remain, but time heals.
               Another colleague, with a great credibility in the market, amidst people who looked at him with awe, had a downturn of events and faced grave financial issues which crept the suicide thought in his mind. He fought those, because he had a family to take care of. Today he is successful in every possible way. I salute him!
               Yet another friend, has issues with her finance and health to a extent which contemplated her to even think of ending her miserable life. She fights, and is continuing her fight! The smile on her face makes me salute her too!
               And Jiah Khan. She too had issues, but she succumbed! I DO NOT salute her. I pity her. And for me, a pity is almost an insult! Rest In Peace, we say. How can she? After such a sorrowful death?! What a criminal waste!
               For everyone out there, when a shitty suicide thought enters your brain, just for once, read Life is what you make it, by Preeti Shenoy. Amazing book, by a super amazing author. And always make sure to use your life. Death will hug you when it has to. Don’t invite it, let it decide when it wants to embrace you! There are people who are eager to live, to do so much in life, to laugh, shout, cry…but they are unfortunately blessed with a shorter span of life! Your life is a gift, devour it! You live only once and make sure you live it well! As my tag says,

Live life so well that even death loves to see you exist!

Happy LIVING! Ta Daa! 🙂


About Shweta

An ambitious professional who loves working in a corporate as much as she loves spending time with family. Pursues writing as a passion and writes for stuff that closely touch the heart!
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14 Responses to You get to live only once….

  1. Bhavesh Rathod says:

    Good one….


  2. Nafees says:

    Very true..


  3. bhumikasept says:

    too good. I enjoyed reading it.
    My blogs at
    Please visit and let me know your feedback.

    Thanks !!


    • Thanks. Read your blog too! Almost as old as mine! Keep writing more, young woman! And about a feedback, i’ll only say…it doesn’t matter how others feel, it is about how YOU feel about it! Way to go! 🙂


  4. rajvi says:

    as awesome as alwys sweethrt..


  5. Hemang says:

    Hi.. never knew u can write so well. Enjoyed reading it and now on will follow u … Suicide is something which ur brain controls over ur heart. Brain is the commander and then your body does what brain says. Now a days most of the time its failure in anything leads to such circumstances. In Jiah Khan case also she had failed to find true love and as a result her career was also impacted.


  6. tushar says:

    I appreciate ur quote n advice but as i discussed earlier when those situations comes. ur brain stop working u don’t get a way out n in that situations if u lucky u will get a right path r else u will end up taking wrong step as what jiah did. We cant judge her situations n feelings but we will pray that her soul shud rest in piece n god bless her soul .


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