Stay as a kid, always!

               Birthdays have always been awaited! On 1st May every year, I wake up with a smile, proclaiming: It’s my birthday month!! Sitting back, sipping tea, surprises me over how they have evolved with age!

              Birthdays, as kids, meant parties organized by my mom; cakes, colourful balloons, loads of friends invited, dance, music, samosa and chips party. When I grew up, they started meaning house parties with close pals and yummy dinner cooked by mom. Further growing up to be teenagers, birthdays started meaning hanging around with my bestest pals who same like me, felt there is no age for dashing cars and giggling in malls! Birthdays had always been vibrant and colourful and with lots of noise!! But this year, it was different. Times change and so do people. I initially hadn’t given thought for a date on a birthday. Because dates for me typically are, good music and great food! But now, I preferred it on a birthday more than anything else. Social commitments, outings, work and family take up so much of your daily time, that this year I was just more than glad to spend a quiet birthday evening with my husband. Movies, dinner with soft music and lots of small talk was all that my birthday consisted of. And surprisingly I found that I liked it and felt like being at peace with myself. Reminiscing the day, I remember spending a very ‘mature’ birthday. Growing up acts in a very strange way. It mellows you down. And you don’t need to shout and jump to have ‘fun’. You start have realistic expectations and you start sounding mature.

              On the risk of sounding contradictory and confused, the person that I am, I always crave a girls night out, dashing cars still tempt me, giggling sweet nothings still make me delighted, gossiping with my gang still always on top of my stress busters, expecting surprises still give me an adrenaline rush, chocolate still makes my mouth water, playing Farmville still is the 1st thing I do when I login facebook, being a kid still runs in my veins!!

              And I would like to always be like this. Living a dream is living being a kid whole life. Age is just a number, never lose the child in you in the race of growing up!!!


About Shweta

An ambitious professional who loves working in a corporate as much as she loves spending time with family. Pursues writing as a passion and writes for stuff that closely touch the heart!
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