The Wonderland Feeling….

               Now I know what it is to be like in a dream… We had this user training to attend for an advanced American Software in their plush office Mumbai! I was accompanying a colleague and my boss to the venue. Boss drove us there with ease, vanishing my pre conceived notions of being in a car with a lady driver! She really is down to earth and very knowledgeable to exchange chats and thoughts with! And I am a sucker for interesting topics to discuss on! So the journey till the office was quite intriguing!!

                The office was on the 16th floor of an awesomely engineered glass building! Finding the parking space was a maze alright, but after the elevator took us to the office floor I was awestruck! A huge glass entrance greeted us in. Amongst the reception area they had 4 monitors to check the pre noted list of visitors and the person to be visited. They had captured us on camera and printed it with our names n handed it them to us! These were our visitor badges!!! I was floored since this was the 1st time I saw something like this and was blank as on what to expect further!

                The person we were supposed to meet greeted us and took us to an open pantry. Chips, cold drinks, coffee, tea, chocolates… All on open display and u can grab a bite of whatever pleases u!! We were here to satiate our knowledge of the user tool and not our tummy, so we let this amaze pass by. Next, huge, pink and flashy painted glass pillars amongst subtle white backdrop of the office walls were an instant hit! I loved the classy yet vibrant look on the floor!! The training rooms were huge with a mike and podium built like that of an auditorium! But since it was only three of us attending, we were guided to a conference room with hi tech screens and key boards. I could only partly pay attention to the training because 1) I was completely blown off by the mere opulence of the interiors and 2) I personally need to work on something to completely get trained!!

                Nonetheless, the exposure I received was all worth the time!! This experience left me totally charmed. There is so much to witness, to experience and to be glad of that one lifetime can never just suffice!!! I just had my version of Alice in Wonderland!!! All smiles…. Ta Daa!!! 😛


About Shweta

An ambitious professional who loves working in a corporate as much as she loves spending time with family. Pursues writing as a passion and writes for stuff that closely touch the heart!
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6 Responses to The Wonderland Feeling….

  1. tushar says:

    Shweta in wonderland! Not alice Hehehehe😆 there is lot to go ahead 😋📍


  2. rajvi says:

    EEee…shwets ur so lucky.:)


  3. Palakh says:

    dids so lucky!! 😉


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