When a memory is etched for a lifetime!

10th May, 2008, 4:27 A.M.

                The time is dug in my memory. Normally people tend to remember pleasant things happened to them. Well, for me you can say this was the day when I had the worst accident in my life and did not one bit think that will survive through this. I may think it as pleasant that I got a second life and did not end my journey mid way; without experiencing the joys of being around best friends, having an amazing wedding and an awesome life, being married and being loved.

               Initially for a few seconds, I thought it was life after death!!! But, what I truly had was a rebirth. And to this moment, every year, on this day, with or without someone to accompany me, I treat myself with a huge piece of my Favourite Cake!!! Because I know, someone up there, pushed me back to the earth!! And I can’t be more thankful.

                Coming to the incident, after a lot of persuasion from my dad’s friend, we were on the way to their native place to attend his son’s wedding. Since it was a last moment journey, the train tickets were unavailable and we had to opt for travelling by a bus. I dreaded travelling at night by roads! But I thought better of it then to speak up my baseless fears. And I always have this strong conviction that wherever my Papa is present, harm cannot harm me. I know for sure, when I die (many many many years from now), Papa will not be around because the sense of safety I feel around him is unquestionable.

                Sorry for this irritating habit of going off track, but you may understand I pour my heart when I Blog and my heart dances around to various topics then one! Anyways, I prayed well before the journey started (my mom assures well that we all do). We boarded the bus at 10 PM and it took a lot of music, texting and time pass before sleep finally came to me at 1.30 AM in the night. The driver, who considered himself as Schumacher and got carried away by the empty roads at night, lost control of the speeding bus. In the moment of panic, he turned off the engine at a speed of almost 110 kmph and jumped off the bus, leaving the passengers at the mercy of the death god! I was fast asleep when this happened and the next incident I remember is the sound of windows crashing and a loud bang and screams from people. Amidst this, I also heard my father shout my name, to assure whether I was fine. It was an accident in total darkness and we were dumbstruck. Everyone wanted to get out of the bus asap since people were suspecting it to blow off or something. But no one would find the door to exit. We realised our bus had turned upside down and the door was above us. The people sitting on the front row, placed broken seats, used it as a bridge and the passengers rushed out of the bus from the side of the huge (now-broken) windshield. We waited far from the bus, in pitch dark, for combustion, if any to occur. But nothing as such happened and all of us rushed to break the door to get our luggage back. Dad went from our family and me and mom were standing bare foot on the ground thanking our lucky stars that we were saved.

                Being early morning and the sun not risen yet, we were left stranded on the road in some small time village. No one of the passerby buses would stop to give us a lift. We waited, bated breath for help to appear. I was still in shock and tears, who are generally my closest companions also evaded me. It was then, a truck appeared and stopped by to help us reach a nearby village. The driver cleaned his truck for us to sit and took us to the next village. I was a little apprehensive since I have a preconceived notion of truck drivers being drunk and rash. However, beggars cannot be choosers and we boarded the truck. It was then, the chain of events dawned upon me and I let some tears escape, with a secret prayer of all of us being well. The driver did not even take the money which my dad offered for making us reach safely. He said, jo aisi help karne k liye bhi paise le, me unhe insaan nai samajta. I was guilty about thinking ill of the driver and blessed him with all my heart!

                To think of it, no one of us really got hurt, by God’s grace. But life has funny ways to make us value it. We had a groom as a passenger who was going to the village for his wedding and had a bride awaiting him! I don’t even want to think of an “IF” something would have happened. My dad still has the scar on his back as a memory of this journey. Everytime I see i, I pray and thank a little more!! 😛

               Make the best of your life…. you never know whether you have a “tomorrow” in your destiny!!! 😛 Taa Da!!



About Shweta

An ambitious professional who loves working in a corporate as much as she loves spending time with family. Pursues writing as a passion and writes for stuff that closely touch the heart!
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6 Responses to When a memory is etched for a lifetime!

  1. Palakh says:

    awsum 1 didss!!! :-*


  2. hemangfans says:

    God bless u !!!


  3. He really does!! Thanks for the wishes, tho!


  4. Sonal says:

    Hey Shweta, Did not read this one earlier, don’t know why, but had a few tears in my eyes and a smile towards the end. God bless you!


  5. Shweta says:

    Thanks Sonal. I don’t really want to die early!! You know, I am so damn petrified of death!! And this incident bought me so much closer to it!!! Gosh! Nightmare! 😦

    All’s well now and I can travel in any type of buses! Left the past behind 😀

    Thanks for the blessings 🙂


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