A Brush with Death

               It happened in Goa this year. We went for a vacation in February with our cousins. The hotel we stayed in had a private pool. One afternoon we went for a dip and to laze around in the pool. The guys went deeper inside, whereas me and my sis in law stayed near the less deep area. It was then; our better halves came and tried to take us inside the deeper waters. I was not really comfortable and although being a water baby, I am scared of depth. Nonetheless, I leaned on Neil (my husband) and went deeper inside. It so happened, that he lost control due to my weight on him and was unable to swim. He started finding the pool bank to take a hold of it. In the process, he lost my hold and I was there, in the middle of water, almost drowning.

                I panicked. The water began to enter my mouth. I was scared as hell! This moment made me realize, how scared I am of death. Until you have yourself experienced it, you never can know the mental state of someone who has had a brush with death. This was the second incident, which made me value life more then I already did. The first being a bus accident which was so bad that I still celebrate the day when I was alive even after such a horrific accident.

                Nonetheless, coming back to the story, the depth was just 7 feet and not really serious. The matter aggravated, because I am illiterate as far as swimming in concerned. My bro in law was just nearby and came to the rescue. He took me near the bank of the pool and I was all OK. It was just for some seconds that I experienced how bad death by drowning can be. God! Tiny goose bumps occur even when I recall the moment. Nothing happened, because my stars were lucky that day and we had our family along. Neil on the other hand was shocked and guilty that how could he let this happen. I rather not blame him, because it was just an accident and all he could do is apologize (which he profusely did) with a secret promise not to attempt any heroic stunts anymore! 😛

                It took me a couple of hours and some blaming and apologizing sessions with my husband to completely get out of it. And thankfully, I got over it pretty soon else the ideally planned vacation would soon turn out to be a nightmare! The rest of the trip was as amazing as nothing happened, except that I dint venture into the pool anymore! Also, the pampering I got for the rest of the trip was mind blowing. No more arguments, I had everything MY way. And I enjoyed it immensely 😛


About Shweta

An ambitious professional who loves working in a corporate as much as she loves spending time with family. Pursues writing as a passion and writes for stuff that closely touch the heart!
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4 Responses to A Brush with Death

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  2. hemangfans says:

    i was not aware of this incident … now u better learn swimming fast ….


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