Is it worth commenting anymore…!?

           Every time I think about it, it makes me shudder. The horrible Delhi gang rape and the gruesome details of the incident. The protests make me feel proud; the judicial delay makes me feel ashamed! How can one pity these shameful people who showed no remorse for their inhuman act?! They could have been castrated, could have been given a public hanging. But none of these happened. Indian Judiciary, being helpless to take such a decision even for these heinous criminals. Instead their case was given to the fast track court, which even after a quarter has not been able to deliver justice to the soul of the victim. But still, the question remained, was death penalty enough for these criminals?

            Among all these, one fine day we wake up to the news of the prime accused committing suicide. I should be happy on this piece of news, given the fact that I wanted him to be punished for his acts without any further delay. But it pains me to think that this was something we should have done, rather then he committing suicide. Are we so inefficient that the criminal prefers to take his own life rather than wait for the ever pending verdict?

            What amazes me is that how was it possible for an accused to hang himself using his clothes and threads from his mats to hang himself, in a 12 x 12 prison cell, specially for sensitive case accused, with a CCTV to monitor and guards on duty for timely check. If this was not enough, the accused was on suicide watch and the cell also had 3 more inmates who were unaware of the entire incident and were supposedly sleeping through the entire act! So many loopholes in a single incident! Unrealistic!

            I pity to think that even criminals are not safe in our country. I have no remorse for their shameful acts, but still something like this happening in the Tihar jail was unexpected. A serious monitoring is required. A case which is already half unsolved, has now gathered more controversy surrounding the death of the main accused! Follow ups, accusations, further controversies, it just keeps on going around in circles, until the case is long forgotten; up to a point where it does not make a difference any more or till a point where the main case takes a backseat and something else pops up! Phewww… no comments!!!


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9 Responses to Is it worth commenting anymore…!?

  1. Vinit Gandhi says:

    mast hai didaa.. these SOB’s have jus screwed it all..the more u thnk of it the more depressing it is..


  2. Tushar.Dhanwani says:

    Hmmm certainly i agree with you , But the Real Facts are totally different from what we see , and Suicide of the man is just part of politics is been played ! Now we can do is raise our voice together for the remaning criminals , atleast in some or the other way government will come in pressure and ask for the Justice.
    Note : Our Indian Law is Delay ! Not Deny ! So just have a Faith


  3. Yash Shah says:

    The worst part the ordinance !! the anti rape law getting delayed juz coz there is no consensus among the MP’s and the political parties..


    • The MPs…the political parties…all are here just for TRPs…they will sweep the roads in front of media…but when sweeping of criminals has to be done….none of them will go out of their way to ensure justice…..


  4. rahil says:



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